Anthony Townsend

Anthony Townsend

The Future of Urban Tech

Self-repairing roads and sewers. Forests and farms inside buildings. Software that follows our instructions rather than following us around. These are just some of the possibilities and pitfalls for urban tech in the decade ahead. This site is a kaleidoscope…

The Bus Observatory

BusWatching is a micro-publication highlighting the thinking and work of a bus data working group we've been building at Cornell Tech throughout 2020–2021, continuing into 2022.

Rethinking Robots

Last June, we struggled to find a space to talk about the future of autonomous vehicles amidst so many urgent and important conversations. But one opportunity, the BBC's remarkable Rethink podcast, arrived on our doorstep in early July.

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

We were delighted to participate in a fascinating new study by longtime collaborators Lean Doody and the team at Arup on “workplacemaking”, a new approach to designing and managing distributed work in the post-pandemic city. See the report, Making Place:…