Anthony Townsend

Anthony Townsend

Digital Cities Index: The Shift From Optimization to Engagement

As part of The Economist's "Digital Cities Index 2022", we provided strategic insight on what's working, and what isn't, in the smart cities movement. "To counter the threat of top-down digital technology imposition, cities are realising they need to engage with all their constituents. Anthony Townsend, Urbanist in Residence at Cornell Tech’s Jacobs Urban Tech Hub, speaks about a shift from 'optimisation to engagement' in which the first generation of smart city approaches led by the likes of IBM, Cisco and Siemens focused on top-down, efficiency-oriented applications, and has been superseded by a more democratic approach that recognises diverse perspectives and needs."

On the Post-Pandemic Workplace

We were delighted to participate in a fascinating new study by longtime collaborators Lean Doody and the team at Arup on “workplacemaking”, a new approach to designing and managing distributed work in the post-pandemic city. See the report, Making Place:…

Scenarios Explore Inclusive Futures for Last Mile Delivery

As part of a larger effort to reset the global conversation about technology platforms and power, we developed a set of three scenarios that explore how consumer cooperatives, maker collectives, and national postal systems can rewrite the future of last mile delivery systems as a tool for wealth development rather than wealth extraction.