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We're experts on the urban future.

Right now we're focused on automated mobility.

Flexible Density: Beyond Resilience

Rather than rushing out with a perspective early on in the pandemic that I’d later regret, I decided to wait and see how things shaped up. Finally, in late October 2020, I had a change to reflect in Nautilus (article) on the year’s events, and the spatial shifts in and

Our New Book Explores the Driverless Future

For decades we have tried to build a car that will drive itself. Anthony M. Townsend’s Ghost Road argues convincingly that the driverless car is a red herring. When self-driving technology infects buses, bikes, delivery vans, and even buildings, a wild, woollier, future awaits.

We also do deep dives on urban data.

Making Sense of Urban Science

Why do some cities grow, and others decline? What makes one city different from another, and what commonalities do they share? What is a city anyways?

We're always working on the planning and economic development aspects of innovation.

And we think a lot about resilience and other emerging urbanism frameworks.