Automated Vehicles 101: A Primer for Cities

In 2017, we developed a primer for 10 global cities working with the Bloomberg Philanthropies on long-term planning for AVs.

This briefing book (PDF) offers insights on the big trends taking shape in AVs, and the consensus among experts about the nature and pace of future developments over the next 15-20 years. It provides comprehensive and user-friendly information on:

  • the various types of AVs and how they work;
  • key milestones and tipping points in the spread of AVs;
  • emerging hotspots for urban AV innovation;
  • key demographic and regulatory drivers of AV adoption;
  • who is developing the technology; and
  • benefits, risks, and unintended consequences of AVs.

See also:

  • Autonomous Vehicles: Future Scenarios
  • Atlas of Autonomous Vehicles in Cities

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