We set a higher ethic for urban tech.

We do it with city builders across the globe.

We also write books.

Here are our most requested downloads.

The Most Important Mile: Inclusive Futures for Local Delivery. (2020)  Three scenarios that explore in turn how consumer cooperatives, maker collectives, and national postal systems can play a crucial role in rewriting the future of last mile delivery systems as a tool for wealth development rather than wealth extraction. PDF 5.6 Mb

Taming the Autonomous Vehicle. (2017 ) A comprehensive, illustrated full-color briefing book for mayors on the future of automated mobility. PDF 67 Mb

Big Urban Data: A Strategic Guide for Cities. (2019) A maturity model for cities throughout the Global South , built for the Inter-America Development Bank to assess and track efforts to improve governance with, and of, urban data. (English PDF 5.6 Mb • Español PDF 15.5 Mb)

Reprogramming Mobility: The Digital Transformation of Transportation in the United States. (2014) Scenarios exploring the impact of technology on four American metropolitan areas. PDF 5.3 Mb

Future Knowledge Ecosystems: The Next Twenty Years of Technology-Led Economic Development. (2009) We spent three years immersed in the international science and technology parks community, working with leaders to map assets, gaps and strategies for future-proofing tech-based economic development strategies. PDF 5.3 Mb