Is the U.S. Falling Short on Infrastructure Innovation?

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA, better known as the “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law”) launched the biggest 5-year push to repair, expand, and most importantly—improve—the nation’s civil infrastructure. This act authorizes more than $550 billion in spending on transportation, broadband, water systems and more.

As cities scramble to take advantage of this historic federal investment, spanning multiple infrastructure sectors, they are missing opportunities to:

  • procure state of the art solutions available on the market right now,
  • pilot next-generation technologies with private sector and university partners,
  • define and pursue transformative “moonshot” projects, working regionally and with states to achieve scale of purpose and spread risks.

How We Can Help

Working through Cornell Tech, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Local Infrastructure Hub, and US Digital Response, we have spent the last six months identifying technology and innovation opportunities across more than 30 IIJA programs—and cataloging winning ideas from previous awards and bold new solutions already tested and proven out overseas.

Star City Group can help your city:

  • Identify opportunities for technology-enhanced solutions solicited by federal funders,
  • Develop integrated project strategies and designs that link up policy and program design, urban design and planning, and digital systems engineering and governance,
  • Assess vendor solutions and business models for effectiveness and alignment with project objectives and federal requirements,
  • Develop new approaches to procurement for infrastructure technologies that improve results and reduce costs.

Further Reading

To learn more about our work, check out these summaries from events we’ve curated on the following US Department of Transportation funding opportunities for the Local Infrastructure Hub: