Technology Planning

Smart City Strategy, Innovation Districts, and Digital Masterplanning

Smart cities work best when they are built by engaged citizens from the bottom-up, but that requires planning.

Our experience developing visions, narratives, digital strategy, and economic development plans stretches over more than 20 years across five continents. We’ve worked in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America helping clients in the public and private sector understand what emerging technologies mean for  citymaking.

We bring a wealth of knowledge on the full variety of efforts around the world to develop smart cities, living labs, innovation districts and urban testbeds.


Foresight in Hindsight: The Future of the Workplace, Ten Years Later

We like to think we do a pretty good job of anticipating the future. Here’s an example of how looking 10 years ahead can land you right on the mark. This essay appeared as a foreword to the annual report for workplace design consultancy DEGW (now part of AECOM). A


Hunting Unicorns at CityLab DC

Over the last decade, so-called “urbantech” firms have transformed the way people live and work in cities. Are Uber, WeWork, and AirBnB too big to fail? This panel discussion, at CityLab DC 2019, features * City Group’s Anthony Townsend alongside Molly Turner of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and


What’s Next for Smart Cities?

How is digital technology changing the way we build, govern, and live in cities? This is the question that the smart cities movement has sought to explore for the last decade. But as new fears about automation, surveillance, and the political impacts of social media metastasize—how are strategies and tactics


Team Immersion Journey: Singapore

Seeing is believing. This is as true in executive education as it is for kindergartners. In 2016, we worked with global architecture, engineering, and planning consultancy Arup on the final sequence of a three-year capstone course on smart cities. This week-long mix of classroom lectures and site visits brought young


A New Civics for the Digital City

This talk at Manchester’s remarkable Future Everything conference, provided an overview of the key themes and arguments in Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for A New Utopia.


Future Knowledge Ecosystems: The Cambridge Phenomenon

In 2010, Anthony Townsend spoke at the 50th anniversary of the Cambridge cluster in England. He shared the forecast of technology-driven economic development developed the previous year in collaboration with the Institute for the Future and the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina.


Upgrading A 1950s Technology Park

When North Carolina set out in 1959 to build the Research Triangle Park, the state was ranked 49th in per capita income. Furniture was the state’s biggest export. A massive brain drain was underway. But the vision of a high-tech hub, nurtured over many decades by a broad coalition of