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A Journey On the Ghost Road

Google’s self-driving car project turns ten this year, but we’re as far away from a driverless future as ever. Or so it seems. In this

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Hunting Unicorns at CityLab DC

Over the last decade, so-called “urbantech” firms have transformed the way people live and work in cities. Are Uber, WeWork, and AirBnB too big to

automated vehicles

Visions of A Better Self-Driving Future

The third and final output from our collaboration with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute on the Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles was a


Are Smart Cities Truly Green?

Most of the world’s population are now city dwellers, and mobile, wireless computers outnumber desktops. In an age of urbanization and technological ubiquity, how is

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What’s Next for Smart Cities?

How is digital technology changing the way we build, govern, and live in cities? This is the question that the smart cities movement has sought

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Team Immersion Journey: Singapore

Seeing is believing. This is as true in executive education as it is for kindergartners. In 2016, we worked with global architecture, engineering, and planning

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Deconstructing the Internet of Things

As part of the “Deconstructing IoT” series produced by New York City-based sensor startup Temboo in 2015, Anthony Townsend spoke with Claire Mitchell and Vaughn

automated vehicles

Re-Programming Mobility:

The Digital Transformation of Transportation in the United States After decades of anticipation, digital technologies are beginning to have a major impact on the way

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The data cannot / Los datos no pueden

We shared the screen in this bilingual documentary (produced by José Luis de Vicente) with a brilliant array of thinkers including Usman Haque, Adam Greenfield,