We're better up close.

We’re thinking consultants, but we are always eager to put our ideas to work in the field with our partners.

Our researchers are available on a global basis for keynote speeches at conferences, private events, and workshops. Our provocative keynotes are full of powerful ideas and delivered with passion.

We also design and facilitate workshops based on our ongoing research, or custom content on a topic of your choosing.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. For events outside North America, we recommend a minimum of 90 days advance booking.


technology + planning

Hunting Unicorns at CityLab DC

Over the last decade, so-called “urbantech” firms have transformed the way people live and work in cities. Are Uber, WeWork, and AirBnB too big to

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automated vehicles

A Journey On the Ghost Road

Google’s self-driving car project turns ten this year, but we’re as far away from a driverless future as ever. Or so it seems. In this

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technology + planning

Team Immersion Journey: Singapore

Seeing is believing. This is as true in executive education as it is for kindergartners. In 2016, we worked with global architecture, engineering, and planning

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