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AV Atlas Infographic: 2017-2019

A summary of two years’ work with Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Aspen Institute tracking more than 130 cities piloting and making policy for autonomous vehicles. (PNG image, 1800 by 7800 pixels)

Big Urban Data: A Strategic Guide for Cities

  A maturity model for cities throughout the Global South , built for the Inter-America Development Bank to assess and track efforts to improve governance with, and of, urban data. (English)

Big Data urbana: Una Guía Estratégica Para Ciudades

 Un modelo de madurez para las ciudades de todo el Sur Global para evaluar y realizar un seguimiento de los esfuerzos para mejorar la gobernanza con y de los datos urbanos. (Español)

Taming the Autonomous Vehicle

A comprehensive, illustrated full-color briefing book for mayors on the future of automated mobility.

Reprogramming Mobility: The Digital Transformation of Transportation in the United States

Scenarios exploring the impact of technology on four American metropolitan areas.

Media Kit

Media Kit—Anthony M. Townsend. Includes bios, CV, book cover images, and headshots (updated April 6, 2020).