Automated Vehicles

There is a narrow window to shape the spread of AVs. Cities could fall behind in the blink of an eye. But automation is also changing the automobile.  AVs can be designed for many more forms and functions, creating new opportunities to right-size vehicles for urban use. The driverless revolution is a profound opportunity for cities to press the reset button.

We help cities and their partners figure out how and where to start. What technologies, companies, and services are in the pipeline? Whom do they benefit and whom could they harm? How can cities prepare for their arrival and even shape their development? 


A Journey On the Ghost Road

Google’s self-driving car project turns ten this year, but we’re as far away from a driverless future as ever. Or so it seems.


Re-Programming Mobility:

Digitalization will reshape transportation in 2030—in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Boston—and beyond.