Ghost Road makes “Best Business Books of 2020” List

There’s a nice writeup of Ghost Road in this year’s list of best books on technology and innovation in Strategy + Business, the PwC magazine.

Townsend is not another in a long line of hype merchants who have spent the past decade promising that self-driving vehicles were just around the corner. Ghost Road offers up an exhilarating picture of the ways in which autonomous vehicles might transform our lives for the better, saving time and lives, reshaping cities, and helping combat climate change. But the author is also keenly aware of the risks and costs such a future could bring, and of the possibility that AVs will instead usher in a bleaker, more dystopian tomorrow. Townsend notes that the choices that businesspeople, engineers, politicians, and ordinary citizens make — deliberately or unconsciously — will determine that future.

“Best Business Books 2020: Technology & innovation: Failure and the root of invention”, by James Surowiecki, November 9, 2020

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